KUCCPS Revision 2017/18: What to do if you send MPESA to the...

KUCCPS Revision 2017/18: What to do if you send MPESA to the wrong account


Hakikisha is a new enhancement to M-PESA that will enable you to confirm the name of the intended recipient, before completing an M-PESA transaction.  Even after Safaricom introduced this wonderful one-more -step early last year, some few cases of unintended transactions are still being reported.

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In order to revise/apply  for KUCCPS courses online, Payment  via Mpesa paybill number  820201 is one of the requirements and in fact the first thing you need to do.

  1. This is done by going to Mpesa Menu on your phone
  2. Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Pay Bill
  4. Business number is 820201
  5. Account number is 2016Followed by your full index number.
  6. Amount is 1000 (if you applied during school) or 1500 if you are applying for the first time. This is clearly stated under APPLICATION/REVISION tab in your account on the Kuccps Website.
  1. Enter your Mpesa Pin and Send.

As you can see, the account number is such a long combination of digits, and welcome to errors. Come on, we are human! Look, in case you send money to the wrong index number, as long as the Business Number is correct, you are at the right place. Don’t call Safaricom or Mpesa through 100 or 234, they won’t reverse your money.  This is the procedure.

You can call KUCCPS offices on Phone number 0723954927, 0734879662 but I don’t really see the need. The procedure they will give you is the same as what you are going to read below. You might not take it serious, but believe me it works miracles!

Send an email with the following details to [email protected]



  • I guess KUCCPS has many paybill numbers, so try to be specific and enter the paybill number to which you sent the money.
  • Important! CONFIRMATION CODE is very important. If you accidentally deleted the message, you are a man of accidents! So please sir, 1000 bob cannot pay your lunch at the Hilton. Leave it alone and find money, then repeat the procedure.
  • It’s also wise to indicate the intended account number for convenience, as it will enable them transfer the amount to the correct index number.

Hope it helps. For any queries or concerns, feel free to write in the comments section below and I will be very happy to help.

Duke Bosire




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