KRA : How to register KRA Pin on iTax. Revised June...

KRA : How to register KRA Pin on iTax. Revised June 2018

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If you are looking for employment, signing various agreements, applying for HELB loan, opening a bank account or anything of that kind, then a KRA PIN Certificate is a very important document that you MUST have.

iTax system is a recent enhancement by KRA, to make it easier for tax payers to access online services. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to register your own Pin.

Before we start, make sure you have your email address, ID number and your date of birth as it appears on your ID. If you have already registered for a pin before, you won’t be able to register again. An individual can only have one Pin. If you have any trouble with your pin, read this post on how to retrieve your KRA Pin/ password.

Step 1: Access the iTax System

Go to, you will see this page;

itax portal

Step 2:  New PIN Registration

Click the red button labeled “register”.

New Pin registratiob

Step 3: e-Registration

Select the taxpayer type applicable to you from the drop-down i.e;

Individual – personal, students, employee, businessman

Non Individual – for businesses, organizations, self help groups, churches and companies.

Wait…Did I mention churches there? Yes, I have met many clients seeking assistance on how to register a KRA Pin for their church.

Next, you will need to select the mode of registration, whether it is “Online Form” or “Upload Form”, but mostly it’s “Online Form”

Step 4: Your Basic Information

After typing your ID Number and date of birth in the required fields, most of the other fields will get filled automatically if you enter the correct date of birth.

However, you may encounter an error in the date of birth. If you see a message telling you that the details entered don’t match the records at KRA, try using the default date of birth, which 01/07/Year of birth. This mostly works for old IDs which have their date of birth written as 00.00.1936.

Just try to adjust the date to 1st July and if the error persists, it will only be solved by KRA officials. Visit your nearest KRA office with your original ID to have the changes done. It only takes 4 minutes. If you have not encountered any errors, it means your details are correct at the KRA database, so you can  proceed to other steps.

You will now be required to fill in your information on this form with accurate details. Once you complete inputting your details,  click “Next”.

Step 5: Taxpayer Obligation Details

Enter your date of registration against the tax obligation, bearing in mind it must be the present or past date. KRA won’t allow a future date in the obligation registration.

Step 6: Source of Income

iTax system has brought in a new requirement that will expect all taxpayers to mention their source of income. If you have no source of income, select ‘No’ in all fields.

  • Employment Income
  • Business Income
  • Rental Income

Step 7: Download & Print

After successful completion and submission, you will see a message saying “Registration Application has been Submitted Successfully.” You will also see your KRA pin and a download link to save a soft copy. Another copy will also be sent to your email address as an attachment.

Good Luck, for further assistance, leave your question in the comments section and it will be answered by folks who are always ready to help.

Duke Bosire


  1. Hey this is great I went to a cyber cafe and took a few minutes that costed me Ksh. 10/- shilling. I applied and printed my own pin using this tutorial. thanks Duke

  2. Hi have tried to register and apply for a pin on line but I have been getting this respond ( A PIN is already linked to entered national identity) no my ID I have never xxxx please update the ipage functionality. I have never applied for pin no before this is my first time. what should i do? please help…..


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