Police in search of man who allegedly killed his son

Police in search of man who allegedly killed his son


Police are in search of a middle aged man from Kisii County after allegedly killing his five-year-old son. It’s said that the suspect,  John Omaiko, of  33 years, went missing after his son collapsed and died following serious injuries he had gotten from the man.
From a witness, it is believed that the man beat his son with an oversize cane on Nov,10 leaving him with serious injuries.
The young boy died before arriving at the hospital. This happened in  Kitutu Central ward. Confirming the incident, Mr. Ondieki Mose, the sub chief of  Mosocho Location ya said that he was informed of the incident at about 3pm and called the police right away. 

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Kisii County C.I.O,  Mr Justus Burudi has sworn that they will investigate, and determine the cause of the death of the young boy. He also said that the police have began the search of the man to assist in further investigation.The body has been taken to Kisii Level six for postmortem.

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