NTSA Online (Updated Dec 2018): How to change phone number on the...

NTSA Online (Updated Dec 2018): How to change phone number on the portal

change ntsa phone number
change ntsa phone number

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Things have never been easier until the establishment of the NTSA online self service portal, which the government has completely simplified, to the extent of making it accessible by almost everyone, even the less literate.
Before I continue, here is a brief introduction of how it works;

To get any of the NTSA portal services, one must log in with his/her username and password. Additionally, perhaps for added security, NTSA must send a six-digit code to the mobile number you added in your account during registration. After entering the code in the space provided beneath the password section, you will be redirected to your account’s dashboard from where you can access a number of online services by clicking on their respective links.

The issue of the phone number has been among the most reported cases that have brought a lot of difficulty while using the service. I had a friend who once opened an account on the portal, but used his friend’s mobile number. The most annoying issue that made me write this post is that every time he wanted to log into the portal, he had no option other than calling his friend to send him the code had received from NTSA. In short, the code from NTSA had to pass through a middleman before reaching the intended person.

The second problem arises from the cyber café attendants. We all understand the fact that not everyone can afford a personal computer and internet at home. For this reason many people depend on cyber services for assistance. Most cyber cafes are filled with unprofessional staff, who may not consider advising a client where appropriate. As an example in the case above, an attendant may decide to use his phone to register a client’s account, without putting the repercussions into consideration. What if the customer forgets his/her password in future?

Back to the subject
Having explained the presence of an unwanted phone number in an account, it’s now time to change it back to our own. Am going to use my personal NTSA account to take screenshots as we proceed.

1. Make sure the new phone number you want to use is not associated with another NTSA account. Otherwise, the process won’t go through.
2. Make sure you have access to the original phone, because the initial code will be sent there first.
Step 1.
On your computer, open your browser and point to https://tims.ntsa.go.ke
You will land on the tims NTSA homepage that looks like this;



ntsa homepage

Step 2.
It’s now time to login and get prepared to change our contact details on the portal. We need our password, an appropriate login method and the old and new phone numbers. Read the steps below;

a. Choose the login method from the first box, usually the ID No –(Don’t change that)
b. In the second box, enter your ID No.
c. In the third box, type your password.
d. Now click the Green button to the right of Security code box, the wait for about 30seconds. You will receive a six-digit code in the old phone.
e. Enter the code in the Security code space and click the
f. Blue button labeled ‘Sign in’. Let’s go…

ntsa step

We are now logged in, but there is no good reason as to why I should let you see my vehicles! Ok? So am distorting the screenshot in some way. After all we don’t need the part.
This is how our dashboard looks like;

ntsa dashboard


To modify your phone number, click your name, on the top Left corner.
You will be redirected to a page that contains your personal information. Look at this screenshot.


personal inf


Now click the green button at the bottom of the page,
On the left panel, click Email and mobile setting.This is what you will see next…


Next to the mobile icon with your old phone number, click the green Modify link
Your old phone number will appear, and next to it, you will see a light-green button labeled Request for verification message
Click on that button and wait for a message in the old phone. You will receive a six digit PIN that you will type into the box provided.
After entering the correct code, another new box will appear. Its not a miracle, it’s a combination of systems working!
Enter the new mobile number in the third box and wait for another code in the new phone. After entering the code correctly in the space provided, you will have the final option of saving your changes and exit!
That’s all. You can now enjoy full access to your account. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates from NTSA by the number 22847, by clicking the link on the top left of your dashboard homepage.
I always like to help. For any queries, drop a comment in the box below and it’s always my pleasure to assist. You can also reach me on twitter @ArapBosire

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Duke Bosire


  1. hy bosire i cant see where to put my name on the third screen shot to proceed..cant see that top left corner..clarify plz

    • Hello James, thanks you for your quiz. Am sorry I took too long to respond after you called my phone, but this post is about changing your phone number on the portal.
      Your name is automatically populated during registration after entering your National ID details.
      After successful login, you should see a screen with a list of your vehicles.

  2. Am Yusuf onchiri
    My account was created at the cyber . l have forgotten my password and the number in the recovery inf is of that cyber owner . of which he is not current reachable or can’t be found . l need to carry out the inspection of the vehicle and l cant access my account pliz help me

  3. what if i cannot get the old number which was used during login of this account and i want to change the phone number how can i do it please help

  4. Well done boss. I cracked my head on how to change password until I reached your post. And the trick is in clicking on one’s name. Funny no one at NTSA thinks that is relevant information to provide to customers.


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