My Country is tribal

My Country is tribal


No excuse for this, and yes we have a tribal country. As much as we are sugar coating an already
messed up situation, people don’t really care what happens to them in any near future, we are
blinded to a point we can’t see any more than a few years to come. It’s just sickening that I was
alive to witness a time when beings of the same species turn on each other over tribal lines. I wouldn’t want to see a day my country would come to end up like Sudan, no I don’t wanna learn how to draw the borders of my country all over again, whatever my class two GHC teacher taught me is beautiful enough.

Now, Kenya will be brought down by two ethnic communities, The Agikuyu community and the Luo. Please give me a moment to explain. The kikuyu community feels that power is theirs to keep, and yes I agree with them. Look at the MAUMAU rebellion, a huge affiliation of the organization was the kikuyu people. Mzee jomo Kenyatta dedicated his life to this country and the kikuyu community feels they deserve a very high seat at the big peoples table. Kikuyus are rich in culture and believes, I once read an article on a Gikuyu legend or one of those people who used to be so awesome long time ago. I think mugo wa kibiru or this other mama who used to use men as her chair I can’t really remember but there was a prophecy that went a little like this, “kikuyus will come to rule the other tribes and after some time, they will lose the throne for a very long time. They will regain the power but it will be challenged constantly by their rivals. “Translated from kikuyu. The rest of this prophesy I can vaguely remember not because I didn’t read the whole thing, but because I was relating to the current system at hand. Kikuyus ruled the country in form of jomo Kenyatta being the 1st president of this great country, Daniel Toriotich arap moi took the leadership of this country for 24 good years then came in another kikuyu, H.E Stanley Emilio mwai kibaki, C.G.H. succeeded by yet another Gikuyu son of the 1st  president of this country, Uhuru Muigai wa Kenyatta. So for those reasons and pretty much more kikuyus will stay behind that tribal line. Actually, kikuyus operate under the assumption that leadership in this country is aristocratic but only play democracy as a legal formality. They just have too much invested in this to just let go.

Luo’s on the other hand are fed by a lot of things. One of them being that they are operating under the assumptions that they have the numbers to overthrow the Gikuyu community from the throne. Well, it’s been long since the last national persons tally were held and it’s a little hard to give an estimate value but maybe they really do have the numbers. The other thing is that they are tired of being ruled, in 2007 they got a taste of what power feels like and now they cannot bare not having their hands inside the cookie jar. They mask their political gist on the basis that the previous leadership (Gikuyu leadership) has done more harm than good. Luo’s will stop at nothing to get to what they want, truth be told, they have really good scholars and protégés to look up to of which some I’ve had opportunities to interact with. What I’m trying to say is that Luo’s are pressers and attention seekers. For as long as the kikuyus are ruling there will always be a Luo person somewhere trying to have that changed. That’s how much determination is in the Luo fraternity. I don’t know much about the their culture but as much legends and cultural stories go, I have personally never heard one that they talk about ruling over other people. Maybe this is the new world order time will tell. Luo’s are highly incited, this makes them prone to quire incitements and trendsetting. They have a sense of togetherness when they have a common enemy. The ground shaker and not so new thing is the pride in them, with pride comes ego and there’s nothing as mind exhausting as reasoning with a huge ego personality. That’s like pressing on the gas pedal on the completely opposite direction of what you want to achieve.

These other communities are place holders in this war between the Gikuyu’s and the Luo’s. They are just there to increase the numbers in a political forum. Luhyas and the kisii people have divided themselves politically in support of the two political big wigs. Now, I’ve never seen a community so together and loyal as the luhya community. The kisiis will go as they are told by their political leaders. The kalenjins want to be in the winning team and as for our friends from coast they are infiltrated largely by the river lake community. The pastoral communities tend to follow a person in their community very high in power. Every ethnicity has what that drives their determination to whatever they want to achieve.

My country is later divided into 3 groups yet again, the Rich people, the middle class and the poor. Every ethnic community has the 3 groups. The rich people who call the shots, the middle class who implement the shots and make sure they are adhered to, and the poor who are the subjects to all this. The poor lead in majority and it goes up the ladder. The rich guys feel that there’s need to put this country on set as per their wants, likes and the complete opposite of other fellow rich men from other tribal lines. They make these orders and pass them down to the implementers, the middle class. The middle class is the most intelligent class there is but they are almost afraid of power or they just prefer to work for the rich guy. These are the guys with the real power to change this country for the best. Then comes the poor, the pawns in these games, the sacrificial lambs, the political martyrs and the Go to guy if the rich want something done in reference to numbers. It’s always the rich and the poor in this numerous public rallies, the middle class never bother with this kind of stuff.

I don’t really have a solution for whatever my country is going through but with proper resources and support maybe a solution might just be found. But whatever this political leaders are doing is just a play to lure the common mwananchi into doing something for them. The real action happens behind the political curtains where democracy, law and free will means absolutely nothing. Whatever we get to see is tailored in one way or the other since a really clever person sat down and came up with a script. All in all, this is a single person’s point of view and an endorsement ill stand by.

I pledge my loyalty to the president and the nation of Kenya, my readiness and duty to defend this flag of our republic, my devotional to the words of our nation anthem, my life and strength in this task of our nation building, Haraambee! Haraambee! Haraambee!

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