iTax: (Revised 2018) How to file your KRA tax returns online

iTax: (Revised 2018) How to file your KRA tax returns online

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The meaning of iTax Kenya
iTax is a system that was introduced by the government to facilitate easy access to online services from any location provided there is internet connection.

In this post, am going to explain the full procedure by sharing a step by step guide on how file your annual tax returns online. It’s a requirement by the Kenyan law that all citizens with a KRA pin, whether employed or not, to file their tax returns.

How to Login to the portal

To access the iTax online portal, DON’T go to, it’s the current KRA website. Instead, go to

File your returns now;

  1. Visit the KRA iTax online portal website at
  2. You will be welcomed by the iTax  portal login page that looks like this;

itax portal

3. If you already have a KRA Pin, proceed to step 4. Otherwise, read this post on how to register for a KRA Pin on iTax portal.

4. Enter your KRA Pin number, password and provide an answer to the simple arithmetic given. Note the format of the pin – It MUST start with a letter and end with a letter.

5. NB: If you remember your password, proceed to step 6. Otherwise, read my post on how to reset a forgotten password on iTax portal.

6. On the navigation bar,  hover on  ‘Returns’.


7. If you have a P9 Form, click on ‘File Returns’ and if you are unemployed and would like to file Nil returns, click on ‘File nil Returns.’ For further assistance, you can read this post on how to file NIL returns.

8. Select the type of return, Enter your taxpayer’s PIN and select the Tax obligation applicable to you then click ‘Next’

kra itax

9. Next, you will see two download links, to either download the Tax Returns form in Excel or ODS. If you encounter any problems, you can read this step by step procedure I have a post here on how to file iTax returns in Microsoft Office Excel.

In order to fill in the required fields as they appear in your P9 form, you need to enable macros. After successfully completing the form, click on validate and wait for about 1 or 2 minutes, depending on your computer’s processor speed.

10. A popup will then show on the screen asking if you would like to generate an upload file. Click yes.

11. Return to the iTax page and select the period for which you are filing the returns, upload the zipped document (you will find it in documents folder of your PC)

Documents folder

12. Agree to the terms and select ‘Submit’.

13. When asked whether you would like to upload the file, click on ‘OK’

Done! Now download the returns receipt.

If you encounter any problems in the procedures above, just feel free to drop me comment in the section below and I will be happy to help.

Duke Bosire


    • Joseph, If you you happen to have lost your KRA pin, all you have to do is look for a copy in your email address. Remember, this is the email address that you used when registering or updating your details on iTax.
      If you don’t have access or have forgotten your email, create a new email account and visist any KRA office near you to update the email associated with your PIN.

  1. Trying to file for nil e-returns but under tax obligation there is no Income Tax-PAYE. There is Income tax-resident individual,non-resident individual and rent income. What do i do?

    • Hello Infreshah, to file nil returns, just use the income tax resident individual. This is because your PIN was registered with only that obligation, and you are not eligible for PAYE.


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