Latest!! How to retrieve your KRA Pin/Password in June 2018

Latest!! How to retrieve your KRA Pin/Password in June 2018

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I have been using iTax for almost two years now, and assisted in setting up, retrieving forgotten passwords and filing returns for almost 3,500 individuals and more than 40 Kenyan companies.

It’s always normal to forget a Pin, Email or password. In other cases, a you can remember your Pin but forget the associated email address, making it close to impossible gaining access to your account.

In this post, am going to share all the proven methods that will help you get back to your account without necessarily having to visit and queue at the KRA offices with your ID.

Instance 1: You remember your PIN, but no email.
This method is only suitable for accounts that have already been updated on iTax. To find out if your pin has been updated on itax, visit

Enter you PIN in the box provided, and click continue. If your Pin has been updated, other new boxes will pop up for you to fill. If it is not updated, you will a screen same as this one, prompting you to update you details on iTax. In order to update your details on iTax, read this post.

update your pin

Back to the point please… Uh!

So how do you get your email address if it happens that your Pin is updated and you can’t access your profile anymore?

Step 1: In the iTax portal, click on Report Problem in the Need assistance category. See this picture;

retrieve email

In the resulting page, enter your pin in the appropriate box and place your cursor in the email box and click. You will see your email address appear. Its not a miracle though.

report problem itax

Instance 2: You have your email, but cannot remember your Pin
If one day you find your self in a situation, where you can’t figure out what your KRA Pin was, calm down, you are at the right place. If your Pin is updated on iTax, you will find a copy of your Pin certificate in your email inbox. If it’s not updated, and you can’t find it anywhere, try to check on your payslips and if all efforts bear no fruit, just visit any KRA office with your original ID for further assistance.

Instance 3: You have your email address and KRA Pin, but no password
On the iTax portal, enter your pin and Click on forgot password link. You will see a message at the top of your page informing you that your password has been sent to your email. Login to your email and check the message from iTax. If you can’t see the new message, try checking in Spam or Junk folder.

Instance 4: You remember your Pin, it is updated, you don’t have your KRA password,  but you cannot access your email.
Most email clients, especially Gmail and Microsoft (*live and *hotmail) have recently introduced tight security measures that may lock you out of your account. If you fail to add your phone number as a recovery option during creation of your eMail, you stand a very high chances of loosing your account in future. However, it happens that for any reason you have been locked out just because you were unable to answer the security questions for your email, the only option available is to create a new eMail address and visit a KRA office near you for further assistance.

I hope the information above helps you, in case of any difficulty, drop your message in the comments section below and assisting you will always be my pleasure.

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