NHIF: Simplest Method to submit your byproduct online

NHIF: Simplest Method to submit your byproduct online

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Until the introduction of online byproduct system by NHIF, things had never been easier, faster and more efficient. Through the online system, employers are now able to submit their monthly payroll byproducts, without having to send a printed hard copy of the same to NHIF offices. This is accomplished by registering for an account that will be used to submit the file to NHIF through the portal.


NHIF Online Remittance step by step
There are 3 different ways to submit your byproduct;

  1. Method 1:  Through email-You can submit your byproduct via email. To locate an appropriate email address by your location, visit >>this link


  1. Method 2:  Visiting NHIF offices with a soft copy of your byproduct i.e. in CD, Flash disk, etc. together with proof of payment. Note that the file must be only in Microsoft Office Excel.


  1. Method 3: Directly accessing the server and submitting your byproduct online. – This is the most convenient method, and that led me into writing this post.  To Log in to the NHIF byproduct portal, visit this direct link

After clicking the link above you will land on a page that looks like this;


NHIF Byproduct

I am assuming that you have never registered on the portal and this is your first visit here. If you have an account, skip a few steps ahead.

In order to make any submission or use the portal, you MUST first register by following this simple guide;

Registration (Company)

  1. Click on the ‘register’ link, and a page will pop up with empty fields.

NHIF registration

2. Fill in the required information in the registration form i.e your company name, employer code and all the other information.

Important: Note your password well. You will need it for subsequent logins.

Voila! You are now registered on the NHIF byproduct web portal.


Filling in the Excel File

The Excel file contains the employees’ names, their ID Nos., their payroll numbers and amount of contribution. It also states the employer’s name and employer code.

  1. To avoid any errors during the preparation for upload, NHIF has a sample byproduct in Excel format. You can download the sample by clicking the link labeled Download The Current Byproduct Sample.

This is how the sample looks like;

nhif excel form

4. You can replace the information contained in the sample with your own, and save the file.


Important: While filling the excel form, Row number  4 (four) MUST be left empty!

Important: The sample excel form contains only 3 employees. In order to create more space if you have more than 3 employees in your list, right click  the numbers column on one of the rows and select ‘insert’ from the context menu.

Logging In and uploading your file

Now that you are registered and have filled the byproduct sheet ready for submission, the final task is to upload and complete the process.

  1. Go back to the portal and log in with your employer code and the password you chose during registration.

Click on the link labeled ‘choose file’ and select your file. Click on Validate and wait for about 30-40 sec, but it may take longer, depending on the server and your net load.

Nhif Submit

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After verification, you can print the form and present it at the bank during payment.

Wasn’t that easy? But wait a minute! One more tip please…

Remember to save the soft copy of the excel file for future use. You will need to edit it for subsequent months to make your work more convenient and efficient.

If you encounter any problems, you know how we roll…drop me your concern in the comments section below, or just tweet me @ArapBosire.

Good luck!

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