KRA (2018): How to update your details on iTax

KRA (2018): How to update your details on iTax

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All KRA Pins that were registered before the introduction of iTax, will show a generic message indicating that the details need to be updated. It’s a requirement in order to access the new tax system, known as iTax. However, if you register for a new Pin after the iTax revolution, it will automatically generated via iPage, hence no need to update.

I said it earlier in my other post and am going to repeat that it’s against the law to fail to register as a tax payer and file your tax returns. In order to file your own tax returns online, your pin must first be updated to the latest system.

Updating your Pin should not take more than 3 minutes, if you know what you are doing. You will need your Kra pin number, ID number, your current email address and your date of birth.  If you have problems with any of these, refer to this post for assistance.

Let’s start;

1. Enter your PIN number and click on continue. NB: Your pin is in the format A00125364441E (it starts with a letter and ends with letter).

You will see a screen similar to the one below; Click here to update.’
update your pin
2. In the next page, select your taxpayer type and citizenship. If you are updating the Pin for an individual select individual. If you are updating for an organization, Business, Group or NGO, select otherwise.
3. Fill in your I.D. number, date of birth.  Click ‘submit.’  and  confirm that you want to submit the data.

4.  A new page will open with most fields already filled in. It’s called iPage.

5. This is where you will update any information that you feel is not current, especially the contact address and phone number, without forgetting the email, which is very important. Double check your email and confirm it’s the one you entered.

6. Provide an answer to the simple arithmetic given and click submit. There will be a pop telling you that yo have selected that particular email. It will further inform that all future communications will be sent to that email. Again check the email, and if it’s correct, click ok, and the form will be submitted. You will see a download link for your Pin, and another copy will be received in your new email address.
Good luck.
Duke Bosire



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